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'Don't Run Rhino'

Antosa Isherwood

Children's Author/Illustrator©™

'Don’t Run Rhino' An Original Children's Story of Wildlife Survival
By Antosa Isherwood
Written & Illustrated©  in Kenya Africa
(1st edition Kenya 1992 republished 2nd edition UK 2013)

Hello! My name is Antosa and I wrote this tale of survival almost 30yrs ago! to highlight to my own 4 children, also to all the children who attended my kindergarten in Kenya and to all children of the world, Wildlife Survival in particular the Rhino.
It breaks my heart to reveal that now in our 21st Centrury since 2008 -2017 every day, of every week, of every month, for 9 years Poachers have without let up hunted & killed 2 African Rhino daily!

Sad Fact: Since 2008 poachers have killed at least 5,940 African rhinos......  Rhino poaching is currently at a crisis point.

Don't Run Rhino is one voice that speaks for all the Rhino to the children of the world to please help save the Rhino
 Please help save our Earths Treasured Beings!

Don't Run Rhino' is
an Original Wildlife Tale of survival set at the foothills of Mt Kilimanjaro each page depicts  baby orphaned Rono Rhino from Dawn to Dusk, Sun Rise to Sun Set, one day in his life alone on the African plains in an ever changing amazingly beautiful, colourful kaleidoscopic wildlife world created by Mother Nature. With the turn of each page you will come to know & love new, original wildlife characters who all come to life as they one by one reveal to the orphaned baby Rono Rhino their own struggle for survival.

Don't Run Rhino is a simple, educational, entertaining but poignant story of wildlife survival each page is beautifully illustrated in detail for the young and the young at heart.

It is a sad fact to reveal that since my children's book was first published in 1992 now upon republishing my book in the 21st Century 2017 the Plight of the Rhino's Survival has escalated to Crisis Point

Who will help rescue the orphaned Baby Rono Rhino ?

Will you?

Thank you!

L Antosa x

The Great East & Central African Safari Adventure

 East & Central African Safari  in summer 1997 I set of with my 4 sons  on an  East & Central African Safari to attend the International Book Fair in Harare Zimbabwe hoping to find new publishers (when my publishers reneged on my contract and failed to pay any royalties on any of my 4 published books)
It turned into a 16,000 Kilometre Safari of pure action packed adventure, where the 4  boys abseiled into Mozambique, went horseback riding in Nyganga National park, white water rafted down the Zambezi, and  lived on a ranch in  the middle of Zambia.
This Safari inspired the scene for  The Chronicled Adventures of the  4 Burton Boys in Africa' Volume no 6 'The Great East & Central African Safari'

 'Enchanted Turtle Island©'
( based on a true story)

Kuruwitu beach Vipingo was inspirational where my Imagination truly took to wing.

It was in this setting that 'The Crocodile Who Went to Sea' published 1996 was written/illustrated and is based on a true story when my sons  did discover a fresh water crocodile on the beach! (as illustrated at the bottom of page)

'Enchanted Turtle Island' is a fully illustrated adventure story inspired by true events that took place on our enchanted beach.

Antosa & family
 Kuruwitu Beach Kenya

The family home Kuruwitu Beach, North Coast, Vipingo, Kenya 1992-1997
Out door / Home schooling 'Isherwood's Academy'
 Kuruwitu beach proved to be an amazing Nature's own  Academy , Adventure Theme park
A Magical natural  world for my 4 sons to live, play, learn, observe, interact and be at one with nature in all its magical glory
Kuruwitu Beach was an Adventure playground and has become the  setting for my latest Chronicled Adventures of '4 Burton Boys in Africa' Volumes 1-6