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'Don't Run Rhino'

Antosa Isherwood

Children's Author/Illustrator©™
Printed onto Eco friendly Recycled paper

My name is Antosa A Isherwood aka Mama Simba( nickname for me by the local African people as a Lioness who brings up her cubs on her own with fierce protectiveness) 
I am delighted to introduce you to my 1st in the series of Original African Wildlife Safari Series of 4 fully illustrated © Children's books, Don't Run Rhino written and illustrated in Kenya East Africain 1992 
 Please enjoy!

Love Antosa x

Ps I know only too well what survival means, as regrettably it is a sad fact that the Publishers of my 4 fully illustrated © children’s books failed to honour the legal signed contract, infringed on my legal copyright and have ruthlessly faild to pay me any royalties since 1992!

In 1999 the contract was legally reneged and I obtained my legal publishing rights and retained the legal IP © of all art work.  In 2013 I republished Don't Run Rhino the first in my African Wildlife Safari Series and I plan soon to republish the entire series! So watch this space!

 I do believe that in the end Justice will be done,. But one must never give up hope and have faith that in the end all will be well! for this Mama Simba never gives up or gives in!


The Great East & Central African Safari Adventure

 After the Publishers infringed on my copyright and failed to pay me any royalties I decided to set off on an East & Central African Safari  in summer 1997 with my 4 sons. It turned out to be an African Adventure of a life time! as I drove through East & Central African Safari  to attend the International Book Fair in Harare Zimbabwe hoping to find new publishers!
It turned into a 16,000 Kilometre Safari of pure action packed a true African Indiana Jones( 4 boys in Africa) Adventure!
My 4 boys
abseiled into Mozambique, went horseback riding in Nyganga National park, white water rafted down the Zambezi, and we managed to  live on a ranch in  the middle of Zambia & a cottage by Lake Malawi that and so much more!
Reflection of my life in East Aftica and this African Safari inspired  me to start creating The Chronicled Adventures of 4
Boys in Africa this will be the last in the Chronicled Adventures volume 6 'The Great East & Central African Safari'

 'Enchanted Turtle Island©'
( based on a true story)

Kuruwitu beach Vipingo was my little peace of paradise after the pure hell and proved to be  inspirational where my Imagination truly took to wing.

It was in this setting that 'The Crocodile Who Went to Sea' published 1996 was written/illustrated and is based on a true story when my sons  did discover a fresh water crocodile on the beach! (as illustrated at the bottom of page)

'Enchanted Turtle Island' is a fully illustrated adventure story inspired by true events that took place on our enchanted beach.

Antosa & family
 Kuruwitu Beach Kenya

The family home Kuruwitu Beach, North Coast, Vipingo, Kenya 1992-1997 (A haven for my family after the tragic death of my late husband Ian Isherwood in a road crash in Mombasa Kenya 1989)
Out door / Home schooling 'Isherwood's Academy
 Kuruwitu beach proved to be an amazing Nature's own  Academy , Adventure Theme park
A Magical natural  world for my 4 sons to live, play, learn, observe, interact and be at one with nature in all its marvelous mystical & magical glory
Kuruwitu Beach was an Adventure playground and has become the  setting for my latest Chronicled Adventures of '4 Boys in Africa' Volumes 1-6