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'Don't Run Rhino'

Antosa Isherwood

Children's Author/Illustrator©™
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Kuruwitu Beach Vipingo

North Coast Kenya

View from the family's veranda and the inspirational backdrop setting to some of Authors 'Work in Progress' Chronicled Adventures of '4 Boys in Africa J, J, S & I

Based on some true life experiences with my own 4 sons in Africa!


Chronicled Adventures of 4 Boys in Africa

Volumes 1, 2 &3

  1. 'Arabuko Sokoke Forest & The Mysterious lost City of  Gedi'
  2. 'Humpback whale of Wasini Island Adventure'
  3. 'Baxon's Bat Caves and the Monkey Skull'

 Chronicled Adventure Stories inspired by the Authors own family life in the idyllic, exotic and famous  Kuruwitu Marine Park area that boast one of the best marine life on the coast of East Africa.
Antosa weaves a golden thread of truth into a tapestry of pure vivid fantacy, imagination and Chronicles the Adventures of  the 4 Burton Boys in Africa from September 23rd 1992-September 23rd 1997

 Below book covers for the Chronicled Adventures of 4 Boys in Africa volume 1,2 & 3

  • Arabuko Sokoke Forest & The Mysterious lost City of  Gedi  Adventure
  •  'The Humpback Whale of Wasini Island Adventure'
  •  'Baxtons Bat Caves & The Monkey Skull Adventure'

Chronicled Adventures of 4  Boys in Africa

'Arabuko Sokoke Forest &  The Mysterious lost City of  Gedi' Volume 1 By Antosa Isherwood© aka Mama Simba 

This adventure is set in the primeval Arabuko-Sokoke Forest (41,600 hectares)  the largest single block of natural coastal forest remaining in East Africa. 

On the African mainland the forest ranks second in bird conservation value, after the Congo rain forest. The Arabuko-Sokoke Forest  forms the centrepiece of a world-renowned habitat for rare and endangered mammals and birds.

It is here the mysterious lost city of  Gedi lies in Ruins a once highly advanced civilization that vanished without a trace.

Antosa weaves golden threads of truth into an enchanting imaginary tapestry of pure Adventure set within the Mystical &  magical primeval Arabuko Sokoke Forest and the Mysterious lost city of Gedi 

'Enchanted Turtle Island'

By Antosa Isherwood©aka Mama Simba

Inspired by a true event in our life my Imagination took to wing  at the families Kuruwitu Beach home.

 Here I wrote & fully Illustrated 'Enchanted Turtle Island'

Another magical story of survival.

This time underwater!
Watercolour Illustration for another children's Book Enchanted Turtle Island' By Antosa Isherwood©